What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning can be defined as a process implemented by businesses in order to envision a desired future, translate this vision into broad goals and objectives and to determine how these goals and objectives will be realised and achieved. This form of planning involves:


  • Setting out specific business priorities
  • Defining a business strategy
  • Making decisions regarding allocating resources in order to pursue this strategy
  • Focussing  operations and resources
  • Ensuring stakeholders and employees work together towards achieving a common goal or objective
  • Establishing the intended results and/or outcomes and assessing and adjusting a business’s direction (taking into account the ever-changing business environment)


The strategic planning process is put into place to make fundamental and informed decisions regarding the actions that should be taken to guide and shape what a business is, what market it serves, what it does, and why it does it.

At Stratealeon consulting,

we are able to assist our clients in developing and executing an effective strategic plan...

The strategic planning process will unlock your business’ potential

Strategic planning is an extremely important process that will assist a business in achieving eventual success. The importance of strategic planning lies in the fact that it provides businesses with a sense of direction, while at the same time outlining measurable goals/objectives. Although strategic planning is not an effective tool for guiding day-to-day activities and decisions, it is useful for evaluating a business’ progress and implementing change in management and other processes in order to move forward according to the goals and priorities of stakeholders.


The strategic planning process ensures that all resources are efficiently and correctly aligned, that time is being managed correctly, and that the entire workforce of a business is working/striving towards a common goal.


This form of planning is truly essential and indeed critical, as it enables a business as a whole to gain overall strategic direction when it comes to the management thereof. With the help of strategic planning, a business will be able to achieve success by developing effective financial strategies, human resources strategies, marketing strategies and business development strategies.

How can Stratealeon Consulting help you?

At Stratealeon Consulting, we are able to assist our clients in developing and setting into action an effective strategic plan that will help drive their business towards success. During this process of developing a strategic plan, Stratealeon Consulting will help businesses identify the existing and required resources they will need to deliver on their strategy, while at the same time ensuring that their entire workforce is working towards a common goal - success.


What makes Stratealeon Consulting’s services so unique is the fact that we use our project management, interim management, and change management skills to drive a business' unique strategic plan into action and eventual completion. This is a key differentiator in our approach, since our role in developing the organization strategic plan can be broadened into execution of the plan thanks so our strengths in project management, interim management and change management. This comprehensive service we provide is what differentiates us from our competitors, who often only help their clients conceptualise a strategy and construct a “game plan” without assisting them in the strategic execution of this strategy.

Our planning process in more detail



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