What is project management?

In order to understand what project management entails, one must first understand what a project is. A project can be defined as a temporary endeavour that is undertaken in order to achieve a unique result(s). It typically consists of a number of interrelated tasks that need to be executed in order to achieve these results. Projects are usually constrained by time and budget and have a definite beginning and end. The end of a project is reached once the objectives/goals set out by the project are achieved.


Project management can therefore be defined as a discipline that is concerned with the tools, knowledge, experience, methods, skills and processes used in the planning, execution, control, monitoring, reviewing and closing of a specific temporary endeavour (or project). Project management focuses on the application of the above-mentioned methods, tools, skills, processes, etc. in order to achieve the objectives/goals as set out by the project.

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What are the duties of a project manager?

Project management plays a critical role project implementation, which is the step that ultimately follows on the development of a strategic plan. The duties of a project manager involve overseeing a project, with the ultimate goal of making progress toward the objectives set out by the strategic plan. The implementation and management of projects is a critical step in linking the planning stage to the final step of achieving the goals developed in the strategic plan.

Effective and comprehensive project management services from Stratealeon Consulting

At Stratealeon Consulting, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by helping our clients manage their projects from the time of implementation, right through to when the objectives/goals of the project in question have been reached. Our project management skills, combined with our extensive experience in this discipline allows us to drive our client’s businesses toward success by assisting them in reaching their strategic goals by managing their projects in an effective and efficient manner.


We have the requisite capabilities that will assist our clients in developing and implementing their own unique operational plan that will serve their specific business and in so doing, assist clients fulfilling their strategic objectives.



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