Ilse van der Merwe - Professional business model innovator and corporate project manager

Ilse van der Merwe is the founder of Strategic Consulting, and with a degree in engineering, as well as an MBA (Cum Laude), Ilse is uniquely equipped to consult with and assist businesses in moving forward towards success.


Based on her extensive experience and academic achievements, Ilse is able to contribute both strategically and operationally to the long-term development and growth of businesses in their entirety. The extensive knowledge on business strategies and operations she possesses, allows her to aid her clients in developing the necessary business attributes that will equip them with the right resources to achieve sustainable business growth.


With her exceptional leadership skills, Ilse firmly believes in promoting the development of her team and her clients. She also believes in working in a creative environment with people who are progressive in their way of thinking, who possess the ability to work with transparent objectives, and who are able to develop shared values. In her experience, she has found that these traits enable a business to continuously improve on their quality, productivity and operations.

Stratealeon provides,

practical strategic insights, while at the same time being able to observe the impact of various parts of a business...

Ilse has the unique ability to help her clients develop and capitalise on the strengths of their team and team members. She does this by empowering and motivating team members on an individual level in order to improve the performance of the entire team, a process often referred to as change management.  Ilse’s protocols embrace the deployment of the correct skills and expertise required for each individual client and/or project.  Where required and appropriate, Ilse’s skills are complemented with external resources and/or partners to deal with project specific challenges.


Ilse is able to work both individually and in a team and possesses a natural ability to interact with individuals, both skilled and unskilled, which makes her ideal for interim management roles. In her work, she cuts right to the core of the issues a business is experiencing, while at the same time focusing on certain central themes. She is able to think on her feet in order to improvise, change and adapt according to the challenges she is confronted with, and she encourages any suggestion and the development of new ideas.


All in all, Ilse is able to provide practical strategic insights, while at the same time being able to observe the impact of various parts of a business or the business as a whole. This enables her to bring together separate aspects of a business in an efficient way, to improve on its performance.

The complete list of services Stratealeon Consulting offers include:

Strategy planning, including:

• Business model innovation

Strategic planning process formulation

• Strategy alignment

Strategy implementation, including:

• Project Management

• Interim Management

Change Management



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