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Managing a business can be challenging, especially when you have to step back from time to time in order to revisit or devise new strategies, implement and manage operational projects and manage the changes brought about by the implementation of these strategies and projects. Things can indeed become overwhelming very fast when these strategies and projects are not properly implemented and/or managed, and even more so when there is no business strategy in place to begin with!


At Stratealeon Consulting, we specialise in delivering professional strategy planning, project management, interim management, and change management services. It is our aim to help any business develop a sound strategy or “game plan”, identify the existing and required resources that are needed to deliver on that strategy and ultimately to use our project management skills to deliver strategic execution both at project level and through the change management process.


Stratealeon Consulting possesses all of the necessary skills and knowledge needed to assist our clients in all of their business strategy and project and change management operations. What differentiates us from our competitors is our unique capabilities to drive the strategic planning process, and extend that right through to the project management and/or change management stages of the process to ensure that your game plan is not only grounded, but correctly supported to ensure the ultimate achievement of your strategic goals and consequent operational objectives.


By providing our clients with sound, practical advice, we are able to assist them in building a roadmap for success that will help them in the development of their businesses.


In essence, we make use of the structured process of the Osterwalder business model canvas to describe a business’s current mode of operation. This visual method provides the basis for the strategic planning process.  After describing the current business model, we move forward to defining where it would like to go in the future, and what strategies need to be implemented in order to reach the desired business model.

Why the name Stratealeon Consulting?

The name “Stratealeon” Consulting is the result of combining the words “chameleon” and “strategy”, and we did this for a very specific reason… Chameleons are one of nature’s most fascinating creatures, and what makes them so fascinating is the fact that they are able to change and manipulate the colour of their bodies to blend into the environment. This is essentially a survival mechanism, and an effective one at that!


This characteristic trait of chameleons can be applied to the business environment as well. In business, the ability to respond to a dynamic business environment is essential for the survival thereof, similar to how the ability to change colour is essential to the survival of a chameleon.

At Stratealeon Consulting,

we are able to consult our clients on how to adapt to change and adopt new behaviours...

In order to adapt to an ever-changing environment, however, a business will need to put certain strategies in place. This is where the word “strategy” comes into play. At Stratealeon Consulting, we are able to consult our clients on how to adapt to change and adopt new behaviours in order to survive in the dynamic business environment.


Unlike other business strategy consultants, Stratealeon Consulting is able to assist clients during the process of change. What differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that we stand by to assist our clients through every step of the way, from devising a strategic planning process, to helping them implement this strategic plan through effective interim or project management and change management.



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